No amount of paper can document the human potential ... yet we still write resumes.

Quy Ngo

We are proud to announce that we are working with Loyalty Group - Air Miles Canada - in deploying a stable network infrastructure.

Call4pchelp is a collective group of highly skilled and certified IT professionals offering a robust suite of services that cater to both small and enterprise level businesses. Each of our professionals have strong roots in the IT industry. With years of experience working for some of the top Help Desks and AD Agencies in North America. Iindustry leaders such as Microage, Microsoft, Leo Burnett, Arc Worldwide, McLauren McCann and Wunderman. If you are looking for professional help, without the geekiness or nerdiness, than call4pchelp.

Call (905) 303-2463 and recieve help with your computer or network problems today!

Being a smaller business, we have always felt like we are underserved when it comes to IT. However that is where Call4pchelp is unique. It's like having your own IT department but at less than a fraction of the cost. Their maintenance package is invaluable to our business. William's IT credentials and experience are far more superior than than an average tech from bigger companies. He has implemented our IT infrastructure with a storage and mail server which greatly improves are business's productivity. Highly recommended for any businesses or individuals. Really fair rates and no travel cost!!!!

Pat Orchard President